AeroSolved OpenFOAM library

About AeroSolved

Welcome to AeroSolved. AeroSolved is an OpenFOAM library offering tools to model aerosols in a Eulerian way. The library relies fully on OpenFOAM, but implements most key aspects of the models and methods itself. The most important parts of this library are:

  • The aerosolEulerFoam solver: a solver relying on the PISO algorithm and incorporating Eulerian aerosol models.
  • The fluidThermo library: offering a compressible, semi-incompressible and incompressible description of the aerosol mixture.
  • The aerosolModels library: contains the implementation of different aerosol models such as a sectional formulation or a two-moment formulation.

The AeroSolved OpenFOAM library finds its origin in the PhD thesis of Edo Frederix, see


Once a copy of AeroSolved has been obtained, it can be built with:


This will compile all libraries and subsequently all executables. The main solver can be run with


in any suitable case directory (see the cases directory inside the AeroSolved package for useful examples).


AeroSolved has no special dependencies. However, a lot of libraries interact with each other using boost. Boost should be available on any standard system. Boost allows library A to register a function pointer inside library B to one of the member functions of library A, without library B knowing about the architecture of library A. Also, AeroSolved is tested only on OpenFOAM-2.3.0. This does not mean it doesn't work on other OpenFOAM versions, however, no guarantees about its functionallity are given.